Salt and Sand kids space


I adore this bedroom, ive put my heart into this one. Its the biggest room in our house. Being at the front of the house it has 2 huge windows allowing lots of natural light.

Tilly 8, Alfie 6, and Oscar 3 share this space. It works for now but in the future we will be having interconnecting walls so Tilly can have her own space.

Its been a long working progress but we are getting there. Oscar has just come out of a cot so we are now looking for a bed to go in the room.

Ive collected lots of bits and pieces and thoroughly enjoyed putting them all together.

I’ll let you see for yourself!








There is plenty more to do in this room, like the complete other side! But i will show progress as i go.


Ferm Living raindrop wall decals from 1965kids // Seventy tree Heart print from Cissywears // eeflillemor postcards from Violet and percy // Bunny lamp from Decobaby // Ferm living Dog cushion from Scout & Co kids // Rock and pebble Pear house from Monkey Mccoy // Rose in april Seaside Basket from Molly-meg // Baby Mow Doll from Naked lunge // Never grow up poster from Violet and Percy // Mr Rabbit print from Mamabeau // My name is simmone Mr K toy from mynameissimone // Rug from Ikea 



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