DIY – Rose Teabags



I’ve been making some of these as gifts. They are super easy to make and taste lovely. I love Tea, always have. My mother was a total Tea addict from as young as I can remember as was her mother, Until she ventured into the realm of Lattes!

I on the other hand can’t stand coffee. I love making it, the smell of it, but the taste I just can’t get my head around.

Tea can be my lifesaver, when things are a little hectic and need a 5 min break to come back down to earth, Tea is my best friend!

If you like delicate fruit teas then this one is for you, the sweet smell of English rose is perfect for afternoon tea or lazy sunday mornings. Any loose tea will work for this. I bought my loose tea leaves from Whittards. There is a huge selection and they deliver to your door if needed.

So, you will need:

1. Rose Tea Leaves // 2. Pretty card, you can use plain if you prefer // 3. Glassine gift bags i bought 3×5 inches // 4. Small stamps // 5. Bakers twine // 6. Tea bag filters (1 cup size) // 7. Stapler // Also needed, Glue, ink pad of your colour choice, Heart paper-cutter, wash tape, letter stamps if you want,



Take your Tea bag filter and fill with Tea leaves. Fill it enough so you can fold over the top rim. The bags I bought came with string in so you can draw them in, I took the string out of mine so I could fold down and staple.




Cut your paper with a heart cutter, you will need 2 hearts for 1 teabag.

Cut approx 5.5 inches of bakers twine, put a knot one end.

Add glue to both insides of the hearts and stick your twine about 1cm from the top in the middle of the heart.

Place the other heart on top and press firmly. Stamp in the centre. I stamped mine the other side ‘Rose’ with letter stamps I had.



Fold over the top of your tea bag, take your heart with twine attached, and staple to the fold of the tea bag. The knot will stop it coming out of the staples.


Now you can place your Teabag in a gift bag and add a little note inside, then washi tape to close.







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