Long weekends with kids

We’ve had a couple of long weekends lately with the kids, visiting friends. Not something we’ve done much of since the children came along. Now our youngest is 3 it’s a lot more manageable.

No nappies, 6 changes of clothes, or rice cakes that end up in a mass of crumbs in the bottom of my bag!! Bliss.

We really have tried to scale down the amount we take now and it has definitely made our life easier! I am a lot more laid back and used to the multiples of everything!

Each of the kids have Trunkis which are great as they can cram a fair but in but be squashed down and also pack neatly in the car. We’ve tried lots of holdalls and bags but Truinkis are definitely a winner for us.


About Trunkis

Trunki started trading in May 2006, since then they’ve gone on to sell 1.8 million of the much loved ride-on suitcases across 97 countries worldwide.

Trunki Daddy Rob came up with the idea & On the 5th May 2006 (now celebrated as Trunki’s birthday) the first container arrived in Avonmouth and Trunki started trading.

Two weeks later Rob took his colourful suitcases on BBC’s Dragons Den. Rob, Trixie and Terrance got quite a grilling from Theo and Rob left with no investors. The dramatic episode has become one of the most watched, with the BBC returning to Trunki for three follow up shows. We’ve also heard Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones admit on national TV that they regret not investing.


We take enough clothing for each day each child, anything else needed then there’s always something nearby to purchase in an emergency.

I take a wash bag and put all dirties in as we go then they can all go straight in the wash when we get home instead of sifting through bags for it!

I’ve come up with a checklist we can’t do without, what do you always have on yours?



Snacks // Soft sweets, marks & Spencer’s Percy pigs go down well!


Few extra pairs undies

Hand gel

Colouring pencils, paper & stickers

Ipad with pre downloaded films

Headphones (a must!)


Happy hoilidays!xxx

long weekend


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