End of summer



So September is finally upon us and the reality of no more lazy pyjama mornings or the free time to do what we want with no restrictions as to what time we need to be home or in bed is fast approaching.

The children go back to school on Thursday and its landed upon me quicker than I thought. School uniforms, bags, books, and being organised is coming into play today. This year is a Big one for me as my youngest is starting Nursery. I haven’t got used to the idea at all, its like my best friend is leaving me….. we are very close. It will be very strange not having him around in the mornings but he needs some small people to play with.

There will be no more going out, no more late evenings, and no more yummy treats! We are all dreading the school run but I know we will soon get straight back into routine within a week or so.

Being in a routine helps the children, and me really. Getting things done on time and tea ready after school then bed for 7pm works well for ALL of us!

I will miss this time terribly though. Theres been ups and downs this holiday but we’ve crammed so much in and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though we haven’t had an actual holiday this year we have had a few weekends away with friends.

We’ve just come back from a weekend in Kent. A busy weekend but that’s just how the children like it. Friends to play with, midnight chit chats and adult downtime (with bubbly of course!) when they finally slept! Was a lovely change of scenery. And yes we even made sure there was a beach visit! We also went to Rare breeds farm with a butterfly house.

butterlyBack to reality for now though until next year.





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