Street kids


Oscar wears Batman T shirt available at George @ Asda

High street kids fashion has become a huge success over the last few years with people now heavily relying on these stores to bring them on trend, quality, affordable clothing. As well as supermarkets now stepping up their game big time to compete with the high street.

I love & hate the high street. It’s great for seeing whats hot and whats not! Also gaining ideas to bring into my own kids wardrobe as well as my own, but then there’s the downside where because the high street is so competitive it changes so rapidly and one day when you make a purchase its only the next day it becomes old news and you’re back to having to purchase far more to just keep up.


Jacob Wears Black Luxe Joggers Available at Next

Over the last 10 years of motherhood I’ve seen a fair few trends come and go for kids which has also burnt a hole in my pocket and unnecessary overflowing wardrobes.  But as I’ve come to find the quality ‘one off’ collections from Mamas who work extremely hard to bring us these upmarket trends I am much happier to spend a little more money on the children’s clothes.

A/W 14-15 is showing a great deal of fun but with practicality of also being worn well with some simple pieces. In particular I’m loving Beau loves, Mini rodini, and the Soft gallery collection

When I have time (not too often!!) I like to actually trawl the internet high street kids areas and grab key pieces to mix up with the more ‘one off’ items I purchase elsewhere. This way it gives me a chance to spend a few more pennies on certain items without thinking ”oh, now I can’t afford a top to go with the bottoms, or shoes to match”!

There are also some great monochrome pieces I’ve come across which are perfect for the kids winter wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with almost anything.

Here are just a few favourites



street kids + 6. Davenport Pants All available at Beau loves  5. Soft Gallery Lucy ice break pants available at Scandinavian Minimal 

street kids top

1. + 2. Mini rodini available at Scandinavian Minimal  3. 4. + 5. Black tassel jumper, Feather long sleeved top, Mask Jumper available at Beau loves


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