Oh boy!

Its been an odd week here, the older 2 went off on Tuesday to Cornwall for a holiday with their Aunty & Uncle until Sunday.

So it’s just been the 2 boys here….just 1 to take to school, just 1 lunchbox to pack and only 2 beds to make!!! Its been pretty quiet. I miss them immensely, even when they do fight like cats.

I’ve been catching up on tidying and washing!! Not so fun. Its been very strange having one child each to watch and not the usual chaos that seems to be the norm in this house.

We took a trip to the beach for a fish and chip supper (yes on a school night you say!!!) The boys loved it, no squeezing in the booths or trying to order dinner over the 100 decibel noise level!

Saying all that, it’s not the same without them. So all I’ve been doing this week is looking at pics of them, including ickle baby ones!!!

After our meal we went down to the viewpoint to watch the big ships come in and out and also watch the sunset. It’s a fabulous spot. There is plenty of stone walls for the boys to jump off, which oscar finds great pleasure in finding the highest one to jump!

Plenty of running space and sea air is enough to wear them out, as soon as we got home, teeth done, pjs on, they were out within minutes. Another perk of just having the 2 this week, it’s normally a continual chat fest at bedtime!!

I’m sure when they get back I’ll hear about their surf stories, beach suppers, and midnight feasts. I can’t wait.


// The boys //



// Never without his dragons //

// People watching //





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