Urban walls


When I came across Urban walls on Instagram I knew I had to have some of their fabulous Wall decals for the kids room.

Danielle Hardy is behind this fabulous company


If you know me at all you know my life revolves around 3 males and a bunch of decals. Wife of one manly-man named Paul & mom of two melt-your-heart “Hardy Boys”, I manage to keep my hands full.

For the past 3 years I’ve been working on a little biz called Urbanwalls where I design and sell removable wall decals and prints. What started out as a lame Friday night turned into my passion, creative outlet and a way to keep my sanity as a stay at home mom.

I love what I do but the greatest part of my “job” are the people that I meet and the relationships that are built. To be inspired on a daily basis is a gift and one that I am excited to be able to share here with all of you.


They instantly change a plain space into a fun, unique living area. They are super helpful and were quick to get my products out to me. I chose the Plus sign and Super hero mask decals. 

I thought I would show how quick they are to get up and instantly transform the room! All instructions are included and are easy to follow.

You will need: Scissors // Washi tape // microfiber cloth

First I cut all the decals into manageable sizes


I used the washi tape to place where I wanted them on the wall first


I started peeling and sticking from the top of the wall. I peeled down the backing from the top of the decal, placed on the wall and used the dry cloth to gently rub as I was pulling the rest of the backing down, then gave the whole decal a rub over to ensure fully stuck





We had real fun with both of these designs and have really ‘Finished’ the room. The children share a room so it is important for them to feel they have their own space, I think these do that perfectly don’t you?





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