Keeping warm

It’s all about keeping warm here! The cold has come and it’s hitting us hard. We’ve been used to saying far too often ” will winter ever arrive” and boy it’s arrived. Ok ok you’re saying, it’s not that cold yet! But it is when you haven’t prepared and all you have is a coat you bought last winter at an extortionate price and it soaks rain completely through!!! Scarves that let every single bit of freezing cold air pass round your neck and boots that have no grip!

That’s just me, but you know as a mama it’s all about the kids and mama comes last…. So this year I decided we    ( I mean, they! ) are not going to be soaked through on the school run or have a hood that blows down as quick as it goes up!

The research started, after long evenings and lack of decisions looking at coats non stop I decided on the Mini Rodini Expedition Siberia Jacket!


I cannot fault this coat, it’s super warm, the hood stays up and keeps those ears wind free, it’s waterproof, all seams are taped (heat sealed) so nothing is getting in or out. And the funkiest coat in the playground!! Bonus right?!


Purchased from Monkey McCoy – Couldn’t have asked for better service. Kerrie is so helpful and friendly and answers all the questions thrown at her. She understands it’s a lot of money to part with (we bought 2 rodinis and a Molo for my older boy!!) so is always on hand to make sure the purchase is the right one.

Head on over to Monkey McCoy for fabulous funky designer clothes, home wares & gifts for your little ones, you won’t be disappointed!



2 thoughts on “Keeping warm

  1. These jackets seem warm! What is the outer material on the mini rodini jacket made of? What does it feel like – slinky? or soft like cotton?


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