Oh my kids – Fashion Label

Everyone needs sweats. Good quality, soft, warm and funky. Oscar cannot get enough of them, he has always hated big coats. The feeling of restricted movement, not being able to bend with the mass of coat. It would always end up being taken off and him being frozen!

So i have given up trying and just stuck to making sure he always has lots of sweatshirts. He layers up, thermals, tee & always a sweat of his choice.

I came across OH MY KIDS kids fashion label and was smitten. The fact that these sweats are made from scratch, cut, sewn, printed and made with complete love was a win win.

// Oh Boy! Sweat From Millymog //





The Belgian label ‘Oh My Kids’ was founded by Leen Vanbroekhoven in 2012 and quickly built an international clientele, in love with its minimalist cut and bold graphic prints. Today, Oh My Kids remains faithful to this aesthetic with a capsule collection of sweatshirts.

In a few weeks the new SS15 collection will be released. Oh My Kids ‘OUR SUMMER 2015’ is a collection inspired by family holidays back in the early 90’s. Memories have been updated and transformed into a modern-day family life impression. Graphic prints form the lead throughout its story and will bring you back to the days when life was carefree and sunny. That’s what we all long for right?!

// Annabel & Oscar modelling the SS15 range //




Leens Instagram is such a beautiful gallery of images of her family, home and work. A must visit. You can find her here. You’ll get lots of updates on new products and snippets of designs.

oh my kids collage


Sweats available at Millymog ‘Oh girl’ Also available!


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