Featured – Hugo Loves Tiki

I came across the brand HUGO LOVES TIKI when I entered a competition, I was fortunate enough to win a gift voucher to spend in their shop.

The gorgeous Tea and biscuits sweat in navy was for us! I absolutely love it, waiting for something to arrive in the post is special but when you have to wait a little longer as it’s coming all the way from America it’s even more exciting to receive!

Cheyenne does not disappoint, the simple yet bold designs are so unique and fun to wear. We have since received the ever so popular Le Bebe and Ananas sweats.


Heres a little background info on Cheyenne and how the brand has blossomed.

” Hugo Loves Tiki is a unisex brand that is inspired by the European lifestyle. After college, me and my now fiance of 16 years lived in England and backpacked around Europe. We fell in love with everything…the food, the cultures, the languages, etc.

After traveling around Europe, we came home and lived in NYC and Chicago. Once, we decided to have a baby, we moved home to raise our children around our family and oldest and dearest friends. Living in the Midwest (Indiana) doesn’t really leave a ton of opportunity to have a creative job or find like-minded moms who are into kid’s fashion. That’s when I found this insanely wonderful instagram community of THE coolest and most creative moms. I was inspired and motivated that my childhood dream of working with design and clothing could actually be a reality. After finding brands that were screen printing american apparel shirts, I thought I could totally do that. I researched and researched and taught myself how to screen print, how to use adobe illustrator, and how to buy wholesale. I have a degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography and was previously an alternative style wedding photographer, so those skills definitely came in handy when learning this whole process.

When designing, I am completely in love with foreign languages and think of our travels often for inspiration. I daydream about our favorite places like, Amsterdam, Paris, the south of France, Cinque Terre, etc. We also eat organic and paleo, so food was a huge theme in the beginning design process. I started thinking of the shirts as foreign language flash cards. Once, I had Hugo, I desperately wanted him to learn a foreign language and thought that wearing these flash card shirts would be fun and maybe get him interested in other languages.hugo tiki

This journey has been a blessing and even though it’s the hardest thing I have ever done, I love doing it. I just need to figure how I can be a stay at home mother of 2 and run a full-time business. It is super difficult managing a new baby, a toddler, emails, orders, printing, mailing, etc. But, I just hired a part-time assistant and I am looking to expand in the next year to kid’s bedding using block printing and dip dying. So, I am pretty excited to see where Hugo Loves Tiki can go in the next couple of years. ”


There are some beautiful things at Hugo Loves Tiki so why not head over and have a browse!


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