School holiday checklist

Here we are, another school holiday upon us. I don’t know about you but for us it’s a week that starts on the countdown from the last break!!! Once the day arrives its sometimes a different story.
The break is always such a needed one for ALL of us. Time out from the mad school run and manic pick ups, no timetables to stick to, no early mornings being up and dressed by 8am, and no lunches to pack. If I’m being honest it isn’t always a jolly holiday.

It hits us sometimes like a tonne of bricks, after the first day the moaning begins, the food stock soon disappears, and the lack of sunshine gets to us all. The lack of routine for my children isn’t always good. When you are a bigger family routine is your backbone.

Onto the positive side though, I soon get things back on track with a simple checklist.
On the weekend before the week starts I will try to do these simple things:

Do an online shop, no one wants to take kids to the supermarket! I always spend more too!!

Write a meal plan, plan for each day of the week unless you plan on eating out any days, stick to it

Have most the washing done and put away so it doesn’t build up mid-week with nothing for them to wear

Make a small list of things you can realistically do
Day at the park
The Beach
Picnic, even on cold days we love a warm picnic
A walk with some friends or the dogs
A treat towards the end of the week like the cinema. Cineworld have ‘movies for juniors’ on over the half term on selected family films so will only cost £1.50 each ticket
A trip to the ice cream shop
Go out for lunch

Clear the craft box up so its ready for a crafty afternoon, supply with paper, glue, glitter, cereal boxes etc.

I pick a good few DVDs too to hand so if those plans don’t always work out then you can snuggle up and watch a film together

You’re good to go, above all have FUN. you’ll soon miss it when they all go back to school :o)


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