A spring beach day

Have you had a good break? We’ve had fabulous one. Couldn’t have asked for any better weather on the days we planned to go out.

This holiday is always like a kick-start to summer and gives me so much more incentive to make adventures happen.

We’ve had glorious sunshine, salt on our lips, freckles on our noses and lots of sandy sandwiches!

I will miss the children terribly as they go back to school. My eldest is revising hard for his SATS in May but after that we can start to look to the summer holidays for some more fun.

I thought I would share with you some of the things we got up to, i’d love to hear what you have been doing too.

So on the bank holiday Monday we chose to venture out of our usual areas and go on an adventure like no other we’ve had before…we knew the children would love it and us too!

Horsey in Norfolk was our point of interest, it is well-known here for the Seals. There were hundreds. A few pups left, normally to see the pups you would want to go from November – Feb. But there were a few remaining which was lovely as they are a little less bothered by the paparazzi!!! (Also the cute factor weighed quite heavily!)

We arrived at 10am and we are so glad we did, after 3 hours on the beach we packed up to go and turned to see hundreds of people at the end of the beach! It’s fair to say we will be back there again, an amazing experience for all ages.

// Arriving at the top of the dunes overlooking the beach //

IMG_8898// First glimpse of the Seals //




// Having a Chat with Mr social! //


/ Children wearing, from left to right: Mini Rodini raincoat from Monkeymccoy / Macaron Leggings / Black converse /

Mini Rodini Penguin Siberia coat from Monkeymccoy / Popupshop Atlas Baggy leggings from Monkeymccoy / Black converse /

Mini Rodini Leopard Siberia Coat from Herbert and stella / H&M Jumper / H & M Star Jeggings / Black converse /

// Cute Pup posing for a snap! //


IMG_9038// Oscar getting serious with picture taking! //





If you like the look of this adventure head over here to see some more info

We were approx 3 hours here but could have stayed longer. We wanted to go somewhere else too though had to go!

Next stop, Wells next to the sea. This beach is out of this world. The sun, the sand, the beach huts, its so so  beautiful.


// Exploring the beach huts, he loved the steps! //



// Collecting //


// Beach huts for miles //



1 // 2 // 3 // 4


Find out more about Wells here



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