Millymog – Mini rodini Heron print

We got our hands on the fabulous Mini Rodini Heron print trousers when they were launched a few weeks back from Millymog.


They aren’t like the usual jogger or leggings Mini Rodini stock, they are a light weight looser trouser which is great for summer when shorts are not always enough on those chilly summer evenings.

Oscar teamed them up with his Inkibabinki T-shirt and white Birkenstocks.




I know I can’t wait for summer to get in full swing, what about you? Getting the kiddies summer wardrobe ready is exciting. This season is full of funky prints and super mix and match items to have fun with!

Head over to Millymog for more ideas


2 thoughts on “Millymog – Mini rodini Heron print

  1. Absolutely beautiful photography of the little ones, love the pattern style as well, and the little ones are soooo cute :) thank you for recommending millymog, I’m going to have a look and order some for my little boys summer wardrobe :)


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