When We Were Little Brand

We’ve recently discovered the London based Brand ‘When we were Little’ An online store providing Happy clothes, factory free for children.

Our story 

I created ‘ When We Were Little ‘ because I am passionate about kids being dressed in cool and unique clothing that is ethically made.

Too many of our clothes are made in conditions that would shock us and this doesn’t need to be the case.

Slowly but surely brands are cottoning on to the need for ethical manufacturing. Fast fashion is on its way out and we’re going back to basics. Small production lines, hand knitters in studios and social enterprises. We pride ourselves on our gorgeous brands and gorgeous ethics which promise quality, design, innovation, craft, care, time and love.

Grow strong eco warriors!

Daisy Barnes,

When We Were Little Founder




We have the Fishermans Knitted Jumper in Grey and the Organic Salmon fishing shorts.



The quality is lovely. The knitted jumper has washed beautifully with no shrinkage. Soft, grey chunky knit looks great dressed up or down, and the shorts look fab with it.

The shorts came packaged in a sweet little tin which Oscar has soon found use of for his mini motorbikes!


Do take a look at what else ‘ When we were little ‘ have to offer.



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