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How has the week gone so quick?! Its time for another fabulous feature….. This week is an Instagram one from super talented @cherylrawlings Cheryl caught my attention with her gorgeous doodles. I’ve always loved doodling, it comes and goes with me but with Cheryl she has a real talent. The monochrome goodness within her artwork is a favourite of mine! Cheryl does some custom work as well as baby milestone cards, prints etc. Cheryl has collaborated with some fantastic brands such as Zoe Jordan for harrods, Frank and nora and Monkey and mole. cherylrawlings


I’m Cheryl (but most people call me Chez) and I’ve just celebrated my 34th birthday! I have two beautiful boys Ethan (nearly 6) and Jude (4 months) and one fantastic husband Matthew. We live in Suffolk where we both grew up. I have a degree in Fashion Design and now I work part-time as a fashion buyer for an independent retailer. The rest of my time is spent being a Mummy and doodling monochrome goodies! IMG_1175 What made you start drawing? I have always loved to sketch. I remember having a drawing board as a little girl and creating little outfits. I knew fairly early on I wanted to do Fashion and it was the design part that I loved. I then started a career in buying and really began drawing again when I was pregnant with my first son Ethan. IMG_1176 How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Creative, Thinker (worrier!!), Loving What is a regular day like for you? Feed, school run, doodle, feed, eat, doodle, feed, school run… Haha! Currently as I’m on maternity leave my days are centred around my boys. I’ve been doing message and yoga with Jude and I’ve learned to love being at home and enjoy what Suffolk has to offer. IMG_1177 What is your favourite shop or online store at the moment? My favourite shop locally has to be Coes where I work. It’s an independent family run fashion retailer that has traditional values with a hugely diverse product mix. Outside of my home town one of my favourite haunt is Columbia Road, I love the eclectic mix of retailers there. As for online I find Instagram a huge inspiration, I’m desperately waiting for the Tiba and Marl (@tibaandmarl) bags to be launched and I’m loving East Wick candles (@eastwickshop) at the moment. Who or what inspires you? My family inspires me, from my parents through to my boys. My husband has a wonderful nature, I often wish I was more like him…decisive being one of his best traits. Generally interesting people inspire me, I love someone who is passionate and absorbed in their craft, it makes me want to achieve more. IMG_1182 Whats in your handbag? All things baby! Inevitably six lipsticks that all basically the same shade of nude and an empty purse because I’m rubbish at having cash on me! Where did you last take a holiday? We had a little family break in Bath. It was Jude’s first time away from home so we definitely didn’t travel light. We stay in a cottage that is almost identical to our first home we had together. Next on the list is Barcelona or Copenhagen. IMG_1178 Do you have a favourite restaurant? Like Holly who you previously interviewed, Darsham Nurseries is one of my favourites at the moment and if I could stretch it to a coffee shop it would have to be Baker and Barista in Ipswich, the girls make amazing food and smoothies. Milsoms in Kesgrave is also a handy lunch venue before school run! How do you like to relax? Drawing, driving and reading. Obviously from my Instagram feed you can see I spend a lot of time drawing, I have sketchbooks scattered in all rooms of the house, I tend to do the most first thing in the morning or just before bed when my mind is full. I also love cars and sometimes having a little drive just clears my head and I have an unhealthy obsession with magazines. ‘Flow’ and ‘lionheart’ magazine are my current favourites. Whats your proudest achievement? Without a doubt becoming a parent but that aside would probably be some of my illustrative work. Having my ‘doodles’ used on a top to be shown at London fashion week and seeing my work published in international publications is pretty high up there. I’m currently working on something very exciting which will definitely be something to tell the grandchildren!! IMG_1173

Sounds very exciting! If you would like to check out Cheryl’s profile you can find it here.



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