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We are back for another feature today after a little break. I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine! We’ve been camping, had our patio re-laid and got the big pool up for the summer, so here’s hoping the sunshine stays.

Todays feature is from Instagram @littlestbeetle Lydgia. The balance between city life and country living is what I love about Lydgias feed. She shows how to get the most of out of being in london without it becoming overwhelming as some people find the city. I know I couldn’t do it!

Lydgia is a total foodie, another win for me! Her dishes look super tasty but also simple to make which is essential when you are a busy mama, head over to her blog to find some great recipes.

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I live in Blackheath, South East London with my husband Paul, son Toby who’s nine, three-year old daughter Eva and Jack the naughty Jack Russell. I’m currently a stay at home mum.


What is a typical day like for you?

On a typical day I am up early to get my eldest to school. Then me and Eva will either go and do something fun together or we’ll come back home so that I can get some housework done. In the afternoon Eva has nursery so I have some time to myself to take the dog for a long walk or do some shopping for dinner. I love to cook so in the evening I’ll spend some time in the kitchen making something nice.




How do you relax?

Friday is Eva’s full day at nursery so, until next September when she starts Reception, it’s my one child free day of the week. I’ve been using my Fridays to play tourist in my own city. I love to take long walks along the river (walking wherever your feet carry you is not easy to do with two children in tow!) and I’ve visited more museums and galleries since she started nursery in January than I have in all my years before that.

Also, a few times a week I’ll wait until Paul gets home from work in the evening and disappear off to work out. I find exercise really clears my head and hopefully makes me a happier person to live with!




Where did you last go away?

My family has a property in St Ives, Cornwall and we spend as much time there as work/school allows. We were there back in April and we’ll be returning in the summer holidays. We’ll be doing a little prayer to the sun gods before we leave!little


Describe yourself in 3 words?

Honest, kind (hopefully) and punctual (this makes me sound really dull but I just can’t stand lateness!)

What’s in your handbag?

The typical mum stuff… wipes, antibac hand stuff, spare hair bands as well as the usual wallet, keys, phone and lipstick. There are often stray dinosaurs/shopkins/squinkies etc in there too.

Who is your favourite instagrammer at the moment?

I can’t possibly pick just one and there are so many I find truly inspiring but I am always excited when photos from these guys pop up on my feed… @theginger_snap for baking snaps and just generally awesome pics of her life in Texas. @ceeesk for beautiful photography. @loopygibbens a no brainer, her photos of her children are breathtaking. And @edwardmelconian because… burgers!



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