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So pleased to show you todays feature as not only are we happy to have nabbed an interview with @buddyandbear, we are also announcing them as a new sponsor on the blog too! Yay.


Sarah, the hard work behind @buddyandbear is a very busy lady, but she has given us a fabulous ‘get to know’ you post which I’m sure you will enjoy reading over a cuppa, or a snack on your buddy and bear tableware! 

What I love about Sarah’s feed is the fun factor, dinnertime for your little ones has never been so good. Head over to @buddyandbear instagram feed to see all the snapshots of buddy and bears products in action. They definitely give us some snack time inspo!

From eggcups to personalised bedroom prints you will surely find something for all the family at Buddy and Bear.

buddy egg cups

About Buddy and Bear…..

I’m Sarah, 32, mamma to Sammy, wife to Jonny and co-creater of Buddy and Bear. We live in west London with our black cat (Buddy) and nine months ago decided to start up a business…

What made you go into business?

I’ve always wanted to work for myself and my maternity leave from my job as a freelance packaging designer (at the point, in-house at M&S food) was the perfect time and motivation to put some plans into place. As new parents, we were suddenly very aware that there was a massive lack of gender neutral, beautifully designed and yet fun home products for little ones. We saw it as our chance to work on something together that we both loved and it’s grown far quicker than we ever could have imagined. Aside from the odd stints of freelancing, I’ve needed to concentrate on Buddy and Bear full-time (or as full-time as you can get with a toddler in tow) – it’s kind of scary taking that leap, but at the same time really, really exciting.


What is a regular day like for you?

Days are pretty full-on at the moment. I try to cram in as much as possible when Sam’s sleeping but it’s usually a big old juggling act and any me-time or cleaning has gone by the wayside! Thankfully, my parents live near by and help when they can.

Sammy wakes anywhere between 6 and 7 for some milk, so we’ll hang out downstairs playing and then eating breakfast. I’ll check any emails and social media if he’s busy entertaining himself, but try not to too much whilst he’s awake as I don’t want him to always see me attached to my phone. The mum guilt is inevitable!


We’re lucky that he’s been a good napper until now, although I sense that the two nap days are coming to an end. He’ll have his first sleep at around 9 which gives me and hour or so to frantically reply to emails before he’s awake and we’re ready to head out somewhere fun. He’ll usually have a longer nap in the afternoon, during which I’ll crack on with more Buddy and Bear admin. We normally go to the post office at about 4.15 with big Ikea bags of parcels hanging off the buggy so that Sammy can have his daily flirtations with the ladies behind the counter. He’s also good friends with the UPS guy – they play ball together when he visits!

After a bath and story, he’ll go to bed at about 7.30 which is normally just as his Daddy comes through the door from work. I’ll then get straight onto the computer, we’ll pack orders (both wholesale and retail), fit in some dinner somewhere in between, before bed calls us at about midnight depending on workload. Weekends are often similar but we try to make sure we have at least one activity out as a family. A lot of our best ideas happen in the car!buddy10

It can be tricky and full on, but being home with Sammy every single day and seeing him grow is what I had always dreamed of. I feel very lucky and any stress of the job or lack of social life is well worth it. We have a lot of fun along the way and I still can’t believe I’m getting to do it.



Do you have a favourite place to eat?

Japanese food is our absolute favourite. Our last date night was Taiwanese at Bao London (far too long ago!), which was so incredible. We love to try new places.

What did you last purchase?

Boring, but I stocked up on some H&M basics for Sam as he seems to have had a growth spurt – his vests are all getting a bit low-cut! I also treated myself to a cosy chunky knit cardi to see me through the winter.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Shy. Ambitious. Smiley.

Who or what inspires you most?

Dick Bruna (creator of Miffy). His design work is spans so much more than his famous bunny but his clever use minimal lines and form always remains. He also incredibly lacks in self belief which is something I struggle with.

None of it would happen without my husband, incredibly talented designer and other half of Buddy and Bear. We make a good team.


How do you like to relax?

Aside from travelling to new places, we love to go for walks. We have Richmond Park and Kew Gardens nearby which are favourites for some down time. We’ve just got Sam a bike seat, so recently I’ve been taking him out for a ride down to the river before bed. Often, when it’s his bath time, I’ll jump in with him, which tends to wash of any stresses of the day, ready for the evening’s agenda. It’s moments like that I cherish – I know that before too long they’ll be a memory and they are so, so special. If I have time on my own (haha), I tend to browse Instagram and Pinterest. Or sleep. Sleep is always good!


Where did you last go away?

We just returned from an incredible fortnight in France. We booked it before Buddy and Bear got so full on and I’m not sure we would have treated ourselves to such a long break had we known our workload. However, I’m so glad we did! The second half was spent camping near the beach which is one of our favourite things to do. It was so nice having quality family time to fully relax and recharge and it confirmed how important it is to stop and have a change of scene.


Whats your proudest achievement?

An obvious answer, but without a doubt our little boy. The only thing I have ever wanted is to be a mum and it’s the first time I’ve felt entirely happy and that I’m doing what I’m meant to. He makes me so proud daily but has also given me a solid reason to believe in myself and make things happen; I sincerely hope that this is something I can pass on to him. Oh, and the time I was Mary in the nursery school nativity play. That was pretty cool.


I really enjoyed this one, I’m sure you did too. Head on over to Sarah’s instagram feed and website for more fabulous Buddy and Bear products.



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