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I cannot welcome Friday enough this week! Its been long..and far too long since I’ve been on here.

So we are back with a fabulous feature this week, I’ve been following this lovely lady for a long time now. I’ve seen this gallery grow and blossom in huge measure. Hannah is such a talented photographer and this spills over in her feed. The beautiful, creative, crisp and bright images are what has got Hannah her recognition on Instagram with 81k + followers.

Hannah is a wife and Mother of two boys Oscar and Max,  I’ll let you see for yourself what an inspirational photographer, mama and adventurer Hannah is!


What made you start photography?

I downloaded the Instagram app soon after my youngest son was born, on the insistence of my husband who was really enjoying looking at cool pictures! I hardly did anything with it until he was a year old, and then having found several people who were doing photo day projects, I found myself thinking about the daily prompts too and wondering what I would do that day! Then one day I plucked up courage to join in too. I soon became frustrated with my photography skills and picked up our point and shoot camera and learnt to use it in manual mode, then bought a second-hand DSLR with a 50mm lens several months later. I had so much fun with this kit and really learnt so much, just snapping away every day out and about with my kids! Then about year ago as I was starting to take professional jobs I upgraded to my full frame DSLR and have been collecting lenses and equipment ever since!


What is a regular day like for you?

Our days are never particularly regular here! On days when I have childcare, we take the kids to school and the child minder’s and then I usually pop up to the stables either for a quick ride on my horse or just to muck out, then home again to work, which is either down the cellar steps to my picture framing workshop, or out on a photo shoot, or editing at the computer! After school we always go to the park with the dog. On days when my youngest is at home with me, we either go to the stables together, the playground, or out to take some photos in the morning, but one thing I love about my life is it’s busy but very flexible, and really no two days are ever the same!


When did you last go away?

As a family we went away to Northumberland in the middle of August, we had the most fabulous time, a proper British sea-side holiday! The kids love the beach, and it’s so beautiful up in the North East. My husband works away a lot, for several weeks at a time, so I often travel with the boys to my parents in Yorkshire during school holidays to break up the times he is away.


Whats in your handbag?

Mess!!! I am only just past the days of carrying a changing bags, and my handbag is basically still a kid bag filled with wipes, spare pants, crumbled oat cakes and packets of dried mango (my little boys’ emergency go-to snacks of choice!!), tissues and other general bits and bobs! I have a going out bag which has a lip gloss in and occasionally gets my purse thrown in when I want to look more sophisticated than normal! Most of the time I am also lugging my camera bag too, which in contrast is a drink, snack and mess free zone!!

Favourite flower?

There are so many flowers I love! I think it depends on the season, snowdrops are always such a welcome sight in the spring, the pale pink peonies in June/July, and the poppies in the fields in Summer always blow me away.




How do you relax?

I love days out with my family, I love getting out of the house, going out somewhere, having a lazy pub lunch and just passing the time of day together. I also love spending time with my horse, and I love getting out on my own with my camera, on a foggy or frosty morning and just getting a chance to snap away!


What’s the last thing you purchased?

Oh very boring… camera stuff. I recently experienced a lens needing a repair four days before a wedding shoot! Luckily it was an easy and inexpensive repair and was back in time but it taught me how easily these things happen! I purchased good insurance for all my kit, and extra memory cards for the wedding.

Favourite instagrammer?

I can honestly say I love following so many people on Instagram! I follow a really broad spectrum of photographers, some for their edits, some for landscapes, some for portraits, some for travel etc etc. I’m always finding new people who inspire me, it’s an amazing place!


Describe yourself in three words?

erm…. that’s a really hard one! I’d like to think I’m kind, fair, and loving. That’s what I try to be anyway 🙂

Who inspires me the most?

That’s a really tough one, but my husband has been in a creative industry all his life (song writing) and now I feel like I’m in a similar boat I’m always inspired by his work ethic, and level headed-ness when it can be hard to keep perspective on everything. Photographically speaking, my kids! They are what I love to snap the most, and there are a few pictures I’ve taken of them that I know I’ll still cherish and smile at hanging on my wall at the end of my days, and I’ll always hear that laughter and feel that moment. They make me so glad I picked up that camera and learnt how to use it.



What advice would you give to someone starting photography professionally?

I would advise you to keep your love of photography, it can be hard when it becomes stressful and busy, and it feels like a mill stone around your neck. There is always more to learn, another course you feel you should go on, more kit to buy, more editing to tweak. But every now and then take your camera out, and love taking pictures again. Plonk some flowers in the middle of the room and shoot into the light, then change your settings and make it a low-key shot, go out and shoot a dog running in the park on a fast shutter speed, or sit in the garden trying to catch a ladybird as it takes to flight. Just shoot, learn, and have fun!

I love Hannah’s enthusiasm and great passion in what she does best, head over to her fabulous feed here!


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  1. 15/10/2015 / 4:53 pm

    Loved this post! So great to read more about Hannah – I adore her photography. Thanks for sharing xx

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