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I’m sure you are as excited to read this one as I was doing it! These two lovely girls are such a pleasure to have. I loved the idea of interviewing them together, seeing what they both say about each other too!!

These two sure know how to Eat, make their house a home, party and most of all make a beautiful Family. This is one of the biggest things that drew me to their accounts.

laura trio food

Family is hugely important to Laura and Alice. When I’ve seen far too much white, picture perfect, unreal living on IG I head back to these two where I know I will get a story of their weekends spent as a family and that certainly makes me feel like I would like to meet these lovely mamas. Head to @laurabeardwood + @aliceguy on ig to see their feeds.


Heres what they have to say…..


What is a regular day like for you?

Laura: A regular day for me is get up too early, spend the next 15 hours on my feet or driving people around, go to bed too late having tried to fit too much in once the little 2 have gone to bed. in a nutshell 😉 you know the score!


Alice: Well, certainly a long one! ☺ Regular days = working weekdays. Woken up bleary-eyed by Nancy, our three-year old, who sweetly fetches my glasses for me every morning. The mad hour of trying to get her and Mabel, nine, ready for school and nursery. Breakfasts, hair and teeth brushing squabbles, laundry, and generally 10 minutes to get myself showered and dressed at the end of it all!


How do you like to relax?

Laura: I am not very good at relaxing, but when I do have a genuine opportunity to be lazy I surprise myself with how lazy I am deep down ;). but in a normal setting, I go to the gym when I can, which isn’t exactly relaxing but vital to my sanity. I catch up on eastenders in bed late at night. I manage a coffee or some lunch once during the week with one/some of my girls.

Alice: Weekdays are rarely that relaxed, so lazy weekend mornings in our pjs (The Bright Company pjs of course!) are the best. I also love to cook for, and spend time with, friends and family – usually with a glass of prosecco for extra relaxation! Parents gassing away while kids get up to no good around us. Outside of the weekends, in the chaos of the week, it’s the indulgent moments with instagram that often make me feel most relaxed.

laura1 alice1

What are you reading at the moment?

Laura: I haven’t picked up a book since i got back from my holiday at the start of september, but making me feel guilty on my bedside table are how to build a girl by Caitlin Moran & the sound of one hand clapping by Richard Flanagan. I hope to have finished them both by this time next year 😉

Alice: Does Elle decor count?! Er, it’s such a horrid confession to have to make, but I rarely read…… I do love reading but can’t seem to prioritize it. Apart from maybe on holiday. The last book I read was ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio, which I just loved.

Who did you last message?!

Laura: the last text I sent was to Hesper, we were discussing the sainsbury’s mog christmas advert 😉 it’s always either her, a sister, or one of my teenage boys.


Alice: My last text to / from me was from my lovely husband. The usual from him, apologising for running late leaving work 😉 And from me a slightly random thread about fire-proof plasterboard!?


Whats in your handbag?

Laura: I am at the stage where my handbag suddenly doesn’t need to be full of baby stuff. I am fully embracing this, I have a newish bag that is noticeably smaller than previously, & literally has my wallet, a little purse & a pot of lip balm in.

Alice: Oh my, just too much c**p! I’m so not ladylike. When I change handbags I leave all the detritus behind, like old receipts, random finds a child has handed me, probably a spare pair of pants for Nancy, and an unsent letter or two…and simply move over the essentials to the new one! So other than the above, you’ll find a bulging wallet (with receipts rather than money sadly!), a phone charger, random make up bits, pens, keys…

What are your favourite flowers?

Laura: I don’t really like having flowers all over the place (I know I know, I am a horrible person) but my favourites are peonies & Hydrangeas.

Alice: Is it too rubbish to say I don’t have a runaway favourite? I love Irises, Hydrangeas, Daffodils, Bluebells and Peonies most. But all fresh flowers are good flowers in my eyes…apart from maybe a carnation!

Where do you like to eat out?

Laura: I am pretty fussy about eating out. there are more & more decent places to go around here these days thank goodness. I love the butley oysterage in Orford, darsham nurseries, the table in Woodbridge & there is a lush mexican in Ipswich called momentum. for a coffee or a cuppa & a piece of cake you can’t beat walton coffee-house here in Felixstowe, the fire station in Woodbridge or applaud in Ipswich. I am definitely a no frills kind of person, if I have to get dressed up to go anywhere then it’s a no, all these places are simple & delicious & beautiful in their lack of fuss & pretension. one day I daydream that I might have somewhere of my own 😉

Alice: I love a good Thai – we have two great ones locally in Hove – Thai Connection and Giggling Squid. But at the weekends we’re mostly found in the masses of great quality pubs in and around Brighton and the local countryside enjoying food with friends and family. Food and drink is the theme of most of our weekends to be honest!

Who inspires you?

Laura: the word ‘inspires’ makes me feel really uneasy! lots of people for different reasons & at different moments. but I would say real people who I know & love rather than anyone famous or historical. my mum makes me realise what a big & wonderful deal it is bringing up a family who are all as close as we are, Alice makes me marvel at all the balls she manages to keep in the air & to do all of it so well, Hesper makes me wish I could float through motherhood quite so serenely, Kate for her amazing ‘f*** it let’s do it’ approach to life/work, a good friend who lost her husband horribly young & who has managed so brilliantly to cope with life since, lots of the awesome women I have met through instagram.

Alice: Gosh, it’s interesting to step back and think about! I’d say my late grandmother, ‘Gan’, for sure. She was a very interesting character, and to be totally honest a bit of a nightmare in some ways, especially as the years went on! But at the age of 16 she left behind an unhappy childhood home in the country, in which she became deaf after an illness, and carved a new life out for herself, building up her own flower business in London. She never learnt to sign, mainly out of vanity I expect, and instead relied on lip-reading and hearing aids. She had my dad at the age of 21 with WW2 going on around them, and his father never actually came home, setting up a new life with another woman on the continent. Undaunted, she pushed herself on, and rather wonderfully / astonishingly was married four (yes, four!) times. She loved making a home, and had a great eye for property, making some very astute buys over the years. She never truly opened up to us about her younger years – instead she always looked forward, and poured all her focus on dad (her only child) and her four grandchildren. Our views differed on many things (including the fact she thought I would be better of marrying a ‘safe’ London city boy – SO not me!) but the drive, determination, and her brilliant eye were always so inspiring to me. I miss her.

In a more general sense…I am continually in awe of the parents I know who have to deal with the profound challenge of raising a child with extra needs. The love, strength and togetherness that shines through the adversity (and the private sorrow / frustration) is truly inspirational, and a reminder of just how lucky we are.


Do you have a favourite instagrammer?

Laura: I couldn’t choose a favourite instagrammer, my real life family & friends are there, people who i have met via instagram & who have since become friends, people who i will never have a relationship with but who’s photos are astounding, people who make me really really laugh. I would have to single out Laura @_g3 & Claire @nedintheclouds for their particular stories & their own ways of discussing/dealing with those stories, they both have beautiful boys, massive hearts & are rude & funny & irreverent which is a winning combo as far as i am concerned. polly @dollyandfife for her mad skills. & for making me laugh it’s @carmenrollers @lisamboyce & @derafrances. in fact that has ‘dream dinner party guest’ game written all over it.

Alice: I have never seen a photo from @loopygibbens, @suchwildgrace and @dollyandfife that I didn’t love. Full stop. But I am so fortunate to have also met a whole bunch of amazing people through ig, who make me laugh daily, cry sometimes, and be inspired often. If I start to list them I will miss someone and feel bad – so I hope they all know who they are and how much I enjoy their friendships.

As you can probably tell I find it very hard to commit to favourites!

Where did you last go away?

Laura: I went to fuerteventura at the end of the summer just with Maisie, & a friend & her two boys. it was a proper sun lounger/book/beer/ice cream holiday & it was fab.

Alice: We spent a wonderful week in the French Alps in August, near Morzine, in a little town called St Jean D’Aulps. It was stunning! We were surrounded by mountains and the most amazing greenery. We swum in freshwater lakes, and a glass of rose was never far from hand. We had the added bonus of spending it with Ry’s brother and his family, and two of our best friends. So very lovely.

Describe yourself in 3 words. (this was the funny bit!)

Laura: me in 3 words, hmmm, ask alice it’s too hard, she’ll definitely have a better answer than me! Decided on scruffy, greedy and happy! Alice described Laura as Sensible!

Alice: Thoughtful. Stubborn. Hard-working. Also, indecisive… 😉 Laura said ” that’s better than Bossy! ” These two are such a duo, I’m sure you’ll want to go follow them if you don’t already.




  1. Libby/Rocky Cotton
    20/11/2015 / 10:48 pm

    lovely to read this – what great girls I have managed to produce!! (and the other two are pretty wonderful too!!)..

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