Half Term Holiday Love

Another much needed holiday is here and we are all so ready for it!

A chance to plan some days out, special treats and just some wind down time is just what the doctor ordered. This week we are away in our caravan. A small country spot, grass for miles and cows in the fields. The weather isn’t always guaranteed for us but do you know what, we don’t mind!

The kids put their wellies on and ride around on the bikes, walk the local villages and come back for a hot chocolate!

As for last week, it was a busy one! We had lots of appointments as my daughter broke her arm, we had a kitchen refit and plenty of school projects to finish!!

The highlight of my week was my beautiful bouquet from Bloom and Wild Flower delivery! And my favourite blooms of Peonies with antique roses. I cannot recommend Bloom and Wild enough, their service is fabulous and the packaging of the flowers that come through my letterbox is impeccable! Whether it’s for a special occasion, a Thankyou or simply to cheer someone up, order some today!

Here are some of our beautiful bunches we’ve had.

// The Belle //



// The Eloise //



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