Take control of yourself!

It’s been a while. A while since I’ve jumped back on here to share anything remotely personal.

Negativity, self-doubt, disappointment, it’s all real.

For me all of the above been lurking like a bad smell, and not being an overconfident person makes it overwhelm one self.

Not being able to achieve what you want is a big one. Negative people or thoughts affects us all at one time or another. Sometimes we are able to handle it with ease, and sometimes it seems like we are barely going to make it through. How to bring yourself out of it is what this post is about.  I’ve seen lots of blogs talk about this recently and I thought I’d share mine too.

Whether its blogging, running your own shop, being a beauty vlogger, or simply sharing parts of your life to the world, there are always ones who try to knock you down. Remembering why you started is one of the biggest points I try to come back to. For me and many others blogging is a part of sharing a slice of what makes you happy. With added confidence, you can flourish. The more you push yourself in areas that make you wobble a little, the stronger you become, a little
self-help goes a long way. Here are some points that stand out to me…

• Notice the signs, remember those feelings when you don’t meet the goal you’ve set, or don’t achieve to the standard you wanted, When you remember how it felt, you can catch yourself before you fall.

• Give yourself some time out, having a break from social media, phones or projects can help immensely with slowing life down and coming back round to why u started what you did.

• See the goodness you have all around you. Seeing yourself without the ‘who I think I need to be’ tag gives you time to reflect and realise sometimes we can’t always work at the pace we’d like to. It won’t break you!

• And lastly, don’t expect immediate results!

// A flower blossoms for its own joy //

Oscar Wilde


Thank you for stopping by x



  1. Sara
    24/11/2016 / 7:37 am

    I found the comment you made very inspiring and most helpful, I am often at that point where I have to notice the signs and reign myself in so this made total sense……thank you.

    • 26/11/2016 / 7:31 pm

      Thank you for your comment Sara, it’s good to know sometimes you’re not the only one feeling this way xx

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