It’s the little things

So, I’ve seen lots of people talking about this at the moment. The little things…….those things that make you smile, bring a memory to light again, make you grateful, just generally make you remember life is so very precious!

We often take for granted these things don’t we and overlook the smaller details to try to replace them for bigger, better, newer etc etc. We’re all guilty of it, striving for something more, more than what we actually just ‘ need ‘ to be content.

Over the last 8 weeks I’ve made a conscious effort to work harder at being happy. It sounds so simple you say!?  You’re right, it is. Reality sometimes doesn’t make it feel that way but small changes make the biggest difference.  Listening more, giving more, not sweating the small stuff!!

For me, healthy eating, getting outdoors not just for the kids but for me and my head space,  has had a huge impact. I’m positive, I’m raring to go, (ok, maybe not always raring!!!)  I’m noticing the little things so much more and really appreciating them. I’ve starting writing my journal again, it feels good. Time is never going to stop going so fast so why let it pass by without making just a few more memories to squeeze in!!?

This weekend we didn’t look at it like “oh how can the weekend pass by that quick again ” we thought let’s just ENJOY it. And Monday came round and I’m looking ahead to the week instead of counting down. (May not always work like that!!) but it made the weekend a good one. Not a rushed, how much can we cram in weekend!

I’ll share some snaps of what we got up to. We took a trip to Southwold in Suffolk, walked along the beach, through the town, and of course visiting the famous Two Magpies Bakery.










Two Magpie Bakery






If you had managed to get this far, thank you! Hope you like the video!


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