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Black is promising.

Nununu describe black as being promising, innocent. Much like a child, black is a blank slate ready to be filled with ideas. And those ideas sure do get plastered over nununus collection as such fun, unique most wanted items!

If you know nununu then you know their products are somewhat a work of art.

I love clothing with minimal design, that wash well, stay deep in colour and continue to stay on trend however many times they are handed down the line of kiddies! That you will certainly find with nununu.

Featured – Punctuation baggy pants in Black/pinkGrid hoody in grey – white long sleeve tee – Muslin overalls in black 

The quality of this collection is so good. Thick joggers with waistbands that aren’t going to go thin or the elastic twist a million times! (Yep we’ve all had those!!) Leggings with the softest cuffs which you can turn up if too long because the print is on the other side too! The muslin romper is divine. I can see this being worn all summer. If I had a baby I would have bought several rompers (No, maybe one for every day?!) because they are that gorgeous. I washed Oscars before he wore it to give it that lovely ‘ soft to the touch’ feel you get after the first wash.

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful growing collection of nununu in our wardrobes.

In a sea of fairies, cartoon animals and rainbow colors, muted hues and minimalist designs were almost taboo. but that only made it more exciting to create a clothing line that would become the antithesis of clichéd baby wear and over-stimulating kid stuff. we believed babies and children were beautiful and creative. they didn’t need a whole lot of decoration. they just wanted to be comfortable. and we wanted to make clothing that would let them shine at every stage, from newborn to teen. we wanted to make clothes that adults would envy and want for themselves.

we began with the basics. black, grey, white, maybe a touch of color here and there. we designed practical shapes that wore well and looked great. we took graphic inspiration from geometric designs, architecture and industrial design. our fabrics had a worn and weathered feel you’d normally associate with someone who had done a lot more living. each piece was special, with a handmade feel. we created counterpoint by dressing kids in clothes that were thought of as adult-like. we had a sense of humor about it, but we stayed serious about quality and detail. and we embedded our signature scent deep in the garments (it comes out after a few washes. once you smell it, you are hooked!)

Featured – Black sheep tee in white – splash leggings in grey 

We know you’ll love this range as much as we do, had over to Nununu to check out the latest collection.

This post is sponsored by Nununu, as always opinions are my own.


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