Flower power

As the title says, the power of flowers can be immense. I know for me, flowers instantly cheer me up on a bad day, brighten a dull room and generally make us all smile a little more!

There has been loads of research which shows what positive impact flowers have on our physical and mental health, such as

* In a hospital room with flowers or green plants, it can help patients need less post operative pain medication, lower blood pressure, pulse rates, feel less anxious and generally more positive than those without flowers.

* In restaurants, diners with flowers on their tables were in better moods than those without.

* Office workers have better cognitive performance and are more creative when seeing green leafy plants, also the smell makes their mood better and less anxious.

* Less saturated colour and brighter coloured flowers are more relaxing, and bold saturated flowers will energise you.

I love flowers in my home and I know so many of you do too, spring is like a boost of energy for my brain. Engaging with all the fresh life and blooms around me brings such happiness within. My favourite blooms at the moment have to be My peonies from Bloom and Wild. I mean the candy pink ruffles of silk are enough to cheer anyone up!

Bloom and wild offer a letterbox flower delivery service in which you pick your favourite bouquet and they lovingly package up your order in a box that fits right through your letterbox! Head over to their page where you’ll be inundated with the most beautiful selection to choose from with flowers to brighten yours, or someone else’s day today

// The Camilla //


One thought on “Flower power

  1. They look stunning. I mainly buy the marked down flowers and I hate the thought of them being thrown away. I may need to find a reason to treat myself now though 😊.

    Cherie || My Mama Musings


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