Nununu Autumn Winter collection 2017/18

Nununu collection 2017/2018 autumn winter collection

We’ve had the chance to get our hands on some wonderful pieces from the gorgeous Nununu autumn winter collection, and let me tell you it’s so worth a look!

My youngest Oscar is now 6 years old and is into clothes a lot more, so when it comes to picking what he wears and chooses how to put it together he always has something from Nununu picked out!

With three boys who are huge Nununu fans it was an easy choice here, the comfy fit, simple design and superb design quality is a big hit.

As we have now approached the colder weather here in the UK it’s all about the layering, here we chose the Puffy numbered hoody and oversized denim pants.


These pieces are perfect for layering up with a thermal legging, the hoody is so cosy & with thumb holes it makes it extra snug.

Oscar didn’t want to take this outfit off, he wore it again as soon I’d washed it. For him he feels grown up, in style, but can still be a child playing and jumping about, running and scootering!

We’ve had so many purchases before where the boys ‘road test’ them and they just don’t tick the right boxes. This collection as do all the Nununu pieces we own, do!

I cannot recommend Nununu enough, the wide collection, unisex design, ease of ordering and customer service is outstanding.

View the collection here!


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  1. Jonnie
    04/03/2018 / 8:43 pm

    Looks amazing

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