Things that made me happy in February

What makes you happy? At the start of the year I planned on a few posts to be permanent fixtures here, one will be a post made up of things that made me happy for each month. Nothing huge but a few things that have uplifted my mood.

Another post will be on featuring some of you lovely lot! I do love interviewing you and sharing it here for you all to see. Also I get to know people a little better. If you’d like to feature on my blog, just get in touch.

Happy in February

I’ve seen two of my favourite weather conditions this month, sunshine & snow. I know too massive polar opposites but both scenes make me happy. Sunshine means sign of spring is on its way, the tiny flowers are beginning to bloom and the world seems filled with a little colour.

I find the snow so comforting, wrapping up in so many layers you can barely move, crunching the icy snow beneath my feet and the magical white filled streets have a calmness about them. (It’s snowing as I write this post!)

At the end of last year it all got so hectic and our weekends got filled with work and not much adventure. Beginning the new year saw us again working like mad people to make up for the time off over the holidays, but this month has brought more trips out again and we’ve managed a few beach trips which is my fave place.

This month also saw us into our 14th year of marriage. I cant quite believe its that long since we said ‘I do’! We usually have present day for the children on this day too so we focused on that this time and we will go out for a meal in March.

So to finish this month off with a bang, we are starting our renovation on our family bathroom. I cannot tell you how excited I am by this. Living with a hideous one for 7 years now only being able to lust over the pinterest worthy spaces…..I am now getting to choose what ours will be like! So exciting just knowing I’m getting a shower. Watch this space.

My Pinterest inspo

I hope you have had a good month so far, id love to hear what made you smile this month.

Ruby x


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