How I edit my photos

How I edit my photos is something I get asked a lot on social media. ‘Do you use a camera?’ ‘What apps do you use?’

I take most of my instagram photos on my iPhone 7plus. I do use my camera too, a Fuji XT1.

The apps I recommend the most are vsco and snapseed. These are both free and in my opinion, some of the best available. Some presets within vsco are priced but I’ve mentioned about this below. I have Lightroom too but if you didn’t want to invest any money just yet then the ones I’ve mentioned above are more than adequate.

So ill show you how I edit this picture in simple steps, I had a very willing super cute subject so we’ll go with him!

  1. Start by opening snapseed

2. You’ll be asked to tap to choose a photo from your camera roll, pick your photo and it will import into the app.

how I edit photos snapseed

3. Tap the bottom middle where it says ‘tools’ which brings up the page on the left here. Start with ‘tune image’ adjustment sliders. tap one to adjust and use your finger to slide left or right (- or +) on your picture according to the style your going for.

Then click the bottom right corner tick. Go back on tools and click the ‘details’ triangle, here you can adjust the sharpening and structure. Again using your fingers on the screen up and down, left and right. Click the tick once finished.

edit photos with snapseed

4. Lastly you can see the difference with the before and after!

These are the edits I used on this picture.

Tune image

Brightness +75
Contrast +20
Ambiance +20
Highlights +20


Structure +15
Sharpness +40

Once you are happy and have cropped your photo if you need then go along and export. (bottom right corner) It will pop up with an option to save in your camera roll as a copy or as your modified version.

Modified version will save over the original, as a Copy will keep your original image in your camera roll.

And thats it your done!

Vsco cam

edit photos vsco
Open up vsco app

1. I use vsco to actually take pictures on my phone as opposed to the phone camera itself because you can choose where to expose the picture and focus.  When ready to take a pic, use two fingers to tap the screen it will bring up two red rings, focus and exposure.

You can move these around according to the shot you desire. Take your picture and then the bottom left corner shows what you’ve just taken, click on it then the slider to open editing tools.

Tap the icon that looks like a polaroid to edit the filter. There are lots of different preset filters to choose from, I recommend purchasing a few extra packs too within the app. I’ve been using vsco for a few years now and have definitely made use of the presets. Priced at a few pounds each I think they are worth it.

2. Choose one filter, change the strength by tapping the filter icon again and it will bring up a slider which you can choose how strong you’d like it.

edit photos vsco

3. Click the slider again, the inbuilt editing tools like sharpness, crop, exposure, fade and shadows are brilliant too so have a play to get the look you like and then save.

edit photos vsco

Here is the final image, before and after. Click on the top right corner three dots and choose save to camera roll.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tutorials, thanks so much for stopping by. Rxx


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