My month of March

My month of March

This month has been a busy one with some real high points making it one to remember!

The biggest high was our renovation project we started this month in our bathroom. One I was anticipating being a difficult one with 4 children and one bathroom in the house! More about this will be posted on my next month post as it’s not quite finished yet and I want to show you before and after snaps!

Lets talk weather, we’ve had snow…..yes again! But we’ve had a real glimpse of spring days and on the days its been sunshine and blue skies you really start to look forward to more.

I’ve been on blossom watch, with so many blooming round near me it really brightens the place up. I’ll be on magnolia and wisteria watch for the next few months now trying to get some good shots for the gram!


Food. Glorious food, I’ve eaten my fair share of cakes this month. oops. A few places I visited are Pump street bakery, Cafe@AGlifetsyle and I had the best brunch at The cook shed in Woodbridge.

Self care. This month I vowed to do a little more for me, ok I don’t always get it done but I do try. It doesn’t have to be a lot, a trip to a favourite shop on my own or a cuppa in peace and quiet. Something I decided would definitely happen was sorting out my Face!

I threw out all my old make up and skin care that had built up or i’d paid lots for and couldn’t part with but never used, and bought myself a very basic selection and that’s all I now use. I went for the Bobbi brown range, why on earth have I not done so sooner. Its like treating yourself to a facial every night!! And the make up is lovely, I’ve had more compliments in the last few weeks on my face than I have in years!! Teamed with some new Jewellery I feel like a new woman! If you’d like to know what I got I can do another post on Bobbi brown.

These beautiful earrings are from Lola rose jewellery Gifts

lola rose earrings

I hope you’ve all had a great month, cant wait to share next month with you.

Ruby xox


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