Nununu summer 2018

Nununu summer 2018 collection is here.

We always get pretty excited when the big black package arrives on our door, full of goodies to try on!

These kiddos have a pretty good wardrobe these days, way more than mine I tell ya!

The alternative children’s brand NUNUNU is excited to present this summers collection. From Nylon to denim, Military coats to yoga shorts. The collection is bold, includes colours like grey, white and rusty green that set the tone.

NUNUNU also remains faithful to the design and quality that fans have become used to in this collection.

I always ask my kids what ideas they have for photo shoots when we have one, and after Oscar saw the summer collection he said a forest would be good! I knew he’d come up with a good idea, with the rusty green pants a forest would be a great location. So that’s exactly what we did, went to the forest and the beach in the same trip! Two of our favourite places!

Oscar is wearing Grey Raglan t shirt // Rusty green raw pants //

Nununu summer

I think this is his new favourite outfit choice yet! He said he matches the forest, and I think he matches perfectly!

Always picking up a stick or some treasures from his trips!

Oscar is wearing Braille pants in heather grey // Quilt t shirt // Solid hoodie in charcoal

Like a teenager already, is this what I have to come??!

These tones will be our pick for this season, he looks so good in grey and we love the deep rich green, all totally unisex as always. The one thing we love so much about Nununu is the range available to everyone, girl or boy, young or old!

You’ll love the new summer collection as much as us so head over to Nununu now, what will you choose?

You can see our featured collaborations here from Nununus past collection.





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