My month of April

My month of April.

Another one came and went, they are flying by this year don’t you think?

This month has seen a few things*. A pretty special one, seeing my first-born turning another year older. He’s 14 now, so impressionable. So far away from being little. My boy is turning into a young man.

I thought it would be nice to share something a little more personal this month. A letter I’ve written to him, and something for him to treasure. Even on those days when he thinks I’m the worst mum or he hates listening to the rules, he can look at this one day and know how much he means to me!

I loved writing and receiving letters when I was younger as I do now, it’s so much more personal than a text or email. Do you write? Or have you written to your children?

Dearest Jacob,

When I found out you were growing inside of me I couldn’t have been more happier. A life, a new chapter. I already have a name for you. I knew as soon as I was pregnant what I’d call you.

Along came those sleepless nights, when you thought it was time to wake up at 2am with the rib jabs or fist punches are the memories I treasure most. I used to talk to you, about what your life would be like when you arrive. How excited and scared I was at the same time because I now had someone depending on me. My heart was so full I wondered how it could possibly grow any bigger when you finally join us.

The day you decided to arrive (13 days past your due date!) I wasn’t fed up with waiting because i had you all to myself for those extra days, kicking away, safe in the belly you called home with no one touching you.

It had been a long night of tossing and turning in the hospital bed but I had your daddy next to me, listening to my midnight ramblings, holding my hand. Morning soon came round with an awakening like no other, it was your time to shine baby boy.

My arms eagerly awaiting yours. The last bit of strength I had I used it all. I birthed you into this world. There you were, placed upon my chest, pink skin, blue eyes, strawberry hair. Your skin was so wrinkly as you over cooked a little in there! You looked at me with all the trust in the world. You are all mine. I had a huge sense of belonging, a euphoria.

You are mine, and I am yours.

The day I had a purpose, the day I became a Mother.

You have grown into such a sensitive, caring young man. I wish I could hold your hand again like I did when you were little, or stroke your face to get you to sleep. But its a new chapter now, memories not forgotten but just stored.

Seeing you grow into adult hood and become the fine person I know you are. You are so much like me, feisty yet you wear that big heart of yours on your sleeve just the way I like it.

Love you big much. Mum xx

my month of April

I would love to know what you have written to your little ones, or maybe they are grown up now and you have a collection of notes to give them?

Time passes, they grow, but we never change being mum do we, they will always be our babies…..even when they are big tall stomp teenagers!

R xx

*In other news we have finished the bathroom renovation! yippee, I couldn’t be more happier. I’m sure if you follow my instagram journey you’ll know its been a bit of a long wait! You can see the before and after post here!*





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