Being sacked by your kids


I’ve been missing from here and my instagram for a while and it feels so long since I’ve written anything. To be honest the last couple of months haven’t been the best here, stressful, a real test of patience and in general I’ve felt very lonely. (post to follow on this!)

Any way back to the title of this post! Do you ever feel like your kids have sacked you? I’m talking about the lack of need for me as their mum for the small things. Yes of course they want me to pick up their millions of things off the floor or do their washing for a particular outfit here and now, and spend my days as a taxi service for free! But the little things I used to be needed for as I was the only one who could do it to make them feel better.

The cuddles when they hurt themselves, the shoulder to cry on when things don’t go right, the hand holds on the way to school. I am ordered to walk 10 paces behind the 7 year old now! The kisses goodnight are few and far between now, the ‘need’ for me to mother them.

Do you think this is just a phase? Will they need me again? For so long I’ve felt needed, now there feels like a huge void. I’d love to hear if others have felt like this, or maybe you did, and it all came back again?

I hope it is just a phase because I miss the little things, tomorrow i’m sure ill be moaning that I have a child hanging on each limb of my body and I can’t get away from them!!!

R xx




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