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The surprise is out……

So as the title says, this post is to explain where I’ve been hiding the last few months. As I mentioned in my last post, I have been missing in action for a while now, on instagram and my blog. Not intentional, but purely because I’ve been so poorly. If you’ve seen my latest instagram post you’ll know the secret is out…….we’re pregnant!

pregnancy announcment

Yep, you got that right! Surprise number five is on its way and due January 2019. Its been a tough couple of months with illness and lots of intervention I didn’t really want. I’ve found this pregnancy such a strain on my body. Of course having four children already I’ve felt the stresses and strains before but this seems a different ball game, one I wasn’t quite sure how to tackle. Its been 7 years since my last take home baby and I think my body and mind have well and truly got used to not having another little wriggler causing all those hormones to play havoc on me!

So I am 15 weeks now and have been feeling a little more myself in the last week. I still have bad days, but they are a lot less than they were. Something different i’ve tried this time is acupuncture. I cannot believe i’ve waited until this pregnancy to try it, it’s saved me if im honest! With my previous pregnancies ive suffered with severe hypermesis (all day sickness) the whole way through, yep all 9 months!

So to have a change with sickness this time, I so wish I had taken the plunge to try alternative therapy before. Acupuncture really has helped me feel more human, my physical symptoms as well as my mental ones. I’ve found my anxiety which came and bit me in the beginning of this journey has been reduced since ive been having treatment. I started off with weekly sessions, i’m now at the stage where im trying a session every few weeks. I’ll admit, its been a bit of a strain on finances but it’s so worth it that I was willing make the sacrifice!!!

So how did the children react you say??

I’ve had this question the most I think, along with ” are you going to find out the sex ”! The children at first didn’t believe us……I know I know, having to convince the kiddos wasn’t something I thought would be on the cards! They are super excited though and surprisingly would like It to be a Girl. Not something I thought 3 boys would be asking for, but with one girl I think she’d love a little sister.

Will we be finding out the sex?

We’ve found out with all of them before, well our last one we weren’t planning on it but it was so obvious on the scan it was decided for us!! We haven’t fully decided yet but I think we will find out, purely for practical reasons. We live in a 3 bedroom house so some of the children already share and will be sharing eventually with the baby so it would be good if we can prepare beforehand. If we do find out, I will update you all here!

Thank you so much for all your love and support so far it really does mean a lot, it feels so good to get it all out and here’s to the next 25 weeks! Now to get some baby bits, as I have nothing!!!

Our beautiful wooden plaque is from Fred + Robin





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