Autumnal Kids Wardrobe -Nununu

Nununu is back again with their new Autumn/Winter collection and boy are we excited.

Not only because its my favourite season, but also because the colours for this season are just so fitting. In the uk we are still having some wonderful sunny days but the colours are changing and a little crisp feeling is slowly coming. More layers are gradually creeping back into our wardrobes.

Oscar is a huge fan of Nununu as you well know by now I’m sure, check out our other shoots here. So as usual he gets a big say so on what he would like to choose. He loves stripes, so naturally he chose some more striped baggy pants and as soon as he saw the Sand collection he knew what he wanted. I love this colour on him and the day of our shoot was just perfect to bring the colours out so well. I hope you like it.

We could have spent all day here.

nununu aw



I love his face!

nununu jump

I mean, look at them!!!


The quality of this brand has got to be up there with some of the best. To me, having clothing that lasts and lasts is so worth the extra pennies. These threads are so soft next to your children skin it really does give them all day comfort.

Active children like mine are all about the comfort and durability when moving around like little bouncing beans. These clothes have never failed us. You won’t see Oscar in many other brands these days!

Do take a look at the latest collection, as always I know you will love it all and there is something for everyone!


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