Pregnancy must haves

So as you all know I am expecting our fifth baby. I am pretty out of touch with all things pregnancy and baby related since my last birth was 7 years ago!!

But there are a few things this time around I have found invaluable so I thought you’d like to have a read too.

It’s apparent to me this time that i’m all about the comfort. Tiredness hit me like a smack in the face in the very beginning and hasn’t eased up at all which makes me feel very unmotivated most days. The thought of getting dressed up each day kind of makes me want to go back to bed already! This time i’ve bought the bare minimum in the clothing department but what I have got are all about the comfy! I’m so glad we are coming into colder months because I absolutely love wrapping up!

I’ve put together a list of bits I found essential to the first few months of this pregnancy and I know I will use right up to the end and beyond into the ‘fourth trimester’.


This one has got to be my number one purchase, and why I haven’t got one before now I don’t know!

Cosy White Company towelling robe with a hood, nice and long, and has pockets. I am a particular fan of towelling! This one is hydrocotton which makes it super soft against your skin.

(size up to accommodate your bump, and afterwards there will be plenty of room for skin to skin snuggles with bebe!)

white company robe

A Long Cardigan that pretty much goes with everything and accommodates bump is a must for me. Also can we just appreciate the love of pockets?!!!

This one is H & M

h m cardigan

A pregnancy Pillow. In the past i’ve always seen these pregnancy pillows as ugly. The hideous lumpy filling and not so attractive covers have never appealed to me to have it sitting on the bed!

But……here is where the change has happened. BBHUGME Pillows are the ultimate comfort for pre pregnancy, throughout those 9 months and beyond. I honestly couldn’t live without mine now. The filling is mouldable to your shape as you grow, it can be firmer or softer for your personal preference by just pulling on the ends. And the colours are so beautiful, I chose blush pink which is a beautiful shade to go with any interior.

(Sign up to Scandiborn newsletter to get £10 off!)

bbhugme pillow

A quality face cream. I’ve done lots of trial and testing on this one and throughout the years my skin has really suffered, whether its been using cheap creams or pregnancy hormones my skin is far more appreciative since i’ve really learnt more about the importance of skin care.

For around 10 months now i’ve been using Bobbi brown products which have transformed my skin. I use a great moisturizer, eye cream and face oil for night. My skin now feels nourished, even when I am super dry during pregnancy I find these products really are worth investing in. It’s also like having a mini spa session in your bathroom each night!! (sign up to the newsletter to get 15% off your first order)

Bobbi brown moisturiser

Vitamin Enriched face base

Extra repair eye cream

Extra face oil 

Lastly, Lipcare. During pregnancy I find my skin and lips dry out so much more than usual. I constantly use a combination of Vaseline and the Bobbi brown Face oil to nourish mine. But I think one thing that makes me feel even better is a great lipstick.

The first few months of pregnancy were really tough for me, constantly having all day sickness and never having any energy to even do my hair let alone any make up i’d of normally worn, but a good lipstick instantly picked me up and if all else fails a little colour goes a long way to feeling normal!

Here is one of my faves

Nourishing lip colour – Blue raspberry

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my fave pregnancy essentials, i’d love to hear about yours!

R x


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