30 week pregnancy update

30 week update. I can’t actually believe I’m writing that. How have we got to 30 weeks already, the third trimester? Some days it feels like it’s dragged on so slowly but others it’s as if its flown by!

I haven’t felt well the last week, the tiredness is overwhelming and the all day sickness is back. It was also discovered I am quite anaemic which answers and few symptoms I guess, but trying to get my levels back up is proving difficult. The tablets they’ve prescribed make me feel yuk so I’m trying everything diet wise I can to get more iron absorption.

Peanut has been moving like mad this week and seeing the little arms and legs on the outside of my belly is such a pleasing sight. I’m sure some nights there is a party going on in there! My belly has grown it seems too this week, what I feel dramatically!! I am struggling to bend in the middle now : ) Sleeping is also becoming a thing of the past now. Maybe this is my practice for all those sleepless nights I’ll be getting soon?! And oh my goodness the Heartburn……some nights I just give up trying to lay down and sit up all night. I’ve tried pretty much all remedies so if you have any secrets, hit me up!!!

Our monthly scans and checkups have gone well so far and little peanut is growing nicely. It’s lovely to see the baby more than I usually would even though the prodding and poking is getting to me a little. It seems the more boxes the professionals want to tick, the more it really raises the anxiety levels even when everything is looking good.

I still haven’t purchased anymore maternity clothes, so I’m living in one pair of jeans, a pair of gym leggings, long vests with jumpers and that’s about it. I can only button up my raincoat in the middle so I get a few funny looks when I’m out!! But i’d much rather spend some money on some bits when I’ve had the baby as I know then is when I most feel the need to treat myself a little kinder.

Roundup this week :

Cravings : Jam donuts

Emotion : Teary, at the silliest of things!

Baby size : A Green Cabbage

Movement : Huge acrobatics going on in there!

Things I miss : Being able to tie my own shoes

Appointments : Another scan and consultant check up

To do list : Paint our bedroom, think about a hospital bag!


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