Sharing your room with Baby

Sharing a room with a baby isn’t something everyone does for the long haul if you’re lucky enough to have the space in your house for a nursery. We unfortunately are not, for us a house move just wasn’t an option. We love where we live and the living space is far larger than the sleeping space so it was something we were willing to sacrifice. So baby will be in with us for a while until we can shuffle the boys room around to fit a cot in!

I was a little worried at first how I would actually fit any baby things in my room to share at all without feeling like it was caving in on me! But to be fair its made me get more organised and clear out stuff I really didn’t need or use anymore. Vacuum bags are also my best friend right now!!!

I don’t have a lot of clothes anyway so a small chest of drawers is all I use, for summer and winter clothing. All 6 of us share a wardrobe which is in my room along with my bed and that’s it.

I put all my summer clothing into vacuum storage bags and it freed up a drawer for baby clothing. I am using the top of the chest of drawers for a changing area. I desperately wanted a beautiful changing basket but budget didn’t allow it so I made my own! If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen my ‘hack’ in stories. Basically I bought a second hand Moses basket and cut it down to preferred height and Voila! Cost me £5 as opposed to the £60 baskets.

Some other tips when sharing with a baby I found useful were:

Don’t buy clothing too far in advance size wise, I have only mainly got 0-3, a few 3-6 bits

Use a hanging rail/peg rail to hang a few bits you will use a lot and rotate

Keep things gender neutral to fit in with your own style so it doesn’t make your space too ‘babyfied’

Buy plenty of vacuum bags!

I’ve listed all the shops at the bottom where I’ve got bits from

So here is the reveal, a mix of old with new. Earthy tones and easily Gender neutral.

Baby nursery reveal

Here are all the brands included in the pictures // Chest of drawers La Redoute // Wooden Peg rail – Grey September store // Rainbow Print kindly gifted from Munks & Me // Bonnet H&M // Wooden expecting plaque Fred & Robin // Wooden Tlab sloth Archies boutique // Knotted sleep gowns Indy & the whale // Lucky boy Sunday dolls WU concept // Wicker Crib Vintage // Sleepyhead pod John Lewis // Mustard muslins Scandiborn // Baby socks Mamas & Papas //

Would love to know what you thought

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