Self care for mums

Self care for mums is not something I talk about a lot. As a mum of five children I often feel very guilty doing anything for myself.

There is so much now on social media about self care for mamas it has definitely made me think more. I don’t think self care is anything specific. Its not a whole day kid free, or a spa session with your girlfriends. Those are ‘treats’!

To me self care is being more conscious of taking care of YOU a little more. Because lets face it, we cant look after others well if we aren’t doing so to ourselves can we?


The ideas are endless really and can be tailored to suit. It could be setting your alarm for 30 mins earlier than usual so you can get a hot cup of tea in peace. Recharging yourself ready for the day before the house awakens or spending an extra 10 mins in the bath.

Shut the door, maybe even a glass of wine and shave your legs you haven’t managed for the last three weeks!!

As I’ve got older I appreciate these small things so much more. The smallest things to take care of yourself make the biggest difference. I used to be able to run on auto pilot and never think about myself or what I may need.  If I don’t give myself the little time I deserve, then in turn my parenting suffers!

One of my favourite ways to “self care’ is having some lovely skincare bits. I’ll give myself an at home facial once a week. It probably takes me another 10 mins than I would usually spend on my nighttime routine but it makes all the difference.

I’ll have a bath instead of a shower that night and give my skin a good double cleanse. I use the Bobbi brown cleansing oil and then double cleanse with the cleansing balm, mix in a few buffing grains for exfoliation. then mix it up with either the Skin nourish mask or the Hydra glow sleep mask which smells Devine!

The hydra mask is scented with a blissful blend of warm citrus notes to clear the mind and soothe nervous tension, aiding a restful sleep.

I also use a body oil on this ‘facial’ night. After the bath when my skin is skin damp, I use the Age defy Pure luxe body oil, it has Mandarin and Neroli which uplifts the mind and evokes feelings of joy!

Bobbi Brown and green people

skincare products

Green people glow face mask

These small things can make the world of difference to someone even if it’s just 15 minutes on themselves. The self care for mums given means that you feel like YOU matter. Something that hits most new mums whether its your first or fifth you can often start to feel like you lose yourself and are only here to take care of a little one. I know for me Breastfeeding always takes a lot out of me, do you find this? Its not forever but still, I always feel like I’m not who I was before.

But remember you are just as important as baby.

A few more ideas

Make yourself a good lunch

Grab your favourite magazine and forget the jobs for half hour

Write a journal each morning

Have a good cry, its ok to not be ok all the time!

Call a friend or relative for an adult chit chat


Make a home-made hair mask once a week

Put your phone away and do a 15 minute workout

There are so many things that can lift us up as parents. Nothing too big or fancy, but something that keeps us positive and know that you matter too.

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