Skincare for babies

When It comes to skincare for babies, do you think much about it? I could talk about it for us all day! But never really for the younger ones.

If I’m honest I didn’t used to. My first born never had any skin issues and could cope with pretty much anything put on him. My second child was a completely different story.
At seventeen months she went from baby soft smooth skin to an abnormal sudden breakout in eczema. Ever since she has been suffering with it. Often flaring up quite badly to the point of having to use wet wraps for a good few yers of her life.
We tried so many different creams, given by then doctor and healthcare professionals all of which either made it worse or had no effect. So you can imagine from there onwards I have been very wary about putting anything on babies skin. With each subsequent child I have kept things super simple and only used one brand of mild soap.
I have had a few skin care companies get in touch with me in the past. Wanting me to try out their products claiming this and that but I have always refused.
Recently a company reached out to me asking the same thing. This one caught my eye and I did a little bit of research into the brand then accepted some of the products to try.
Pleasantly surprised after reading the ingredients used were 100% premium natural ones. No sulphates, Parabens or synthetics are used, and they are vegan and cruelty free. Suitable for even the smallest ones, newborns!
You can’t ask for much better than that right?
I introduce to you Artio Skincare

Skincare with a difference 

The fierce protector of her cubs, she journeys through motherhood with strength and wisdom. 

Welcome to a 100% natural skincare range created especially for Mum & Baby – founded by us and inspired by our home on Ireland’s beautiful north coast. 

Luxurious and reassuringly pure, all our products are handmade in small batches using the finest, handpicked ingredients, guided by the unique insight of a doctor and our passion for nature.

Purity is power
baby skincare

As you know I have a newest member to the family, he is eight months and is showing some redness to his cheeks and chin alongside symptoms of teething. The dribble is constant so his chin can get quite raw.
I daren’t put much on as I know how quickly bad reactions can arise and he already has shown some allergies to food so far.
But I felt pretty confident with these products that there were going to be only benefits to the smallest people in my life. We received the Baby soap, and Baby nourishing oil. These are well loved products in my bathroom right now.
The soap is unfragranced which I like and it leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean and baby hair super fluffy!
After the bath we use the massage oil all over, including his face. It soaks in beautifully. I’ve started to use some on my face too in the evenings and its really helped my dry skin feel plump without feeling greasy.
baby skincare
baby skincare
ratio skincare
I think you would love these as much as we do so please do go check them out. I’m sure you’ll agree skincare for babies should be as important as yours!
*I wouldn’t review anything I wasn’t happy with purchasing myself
Contains some gifted items*

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