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As most of you know we already are full time homeschooling here so the news in the UK of school closures hasn’t meant much change for us.

But with so many of you in uncertain territory and I’ve been asked numerous times now for any advice or tips to help along the journey. Remember we are all in this together, even the full time ones and the ones who have been thrown in at the deep end like yourselves. Lets keep sharing our happy things with each other, its what will get me through this time and I know loads of you are feeling the same so lets not allow too much negativity to come into our safe place! We can do this!

My tips are:

Forget trying to duplicate the school classroom environment, because homeschooling your kids is a whole different setting to the classroom. There is now a lot more one to one as the group of kids is smaller, which also means you won’t need to be doing so academic for hours on end. Be more relaxed.

Yes set up an area you can comfortably work at and have some paper, stationary etc but there’s nothing sacred about sitting at desks, having set amounts of time per subject, or using only textbooks.

*My top online resources are Twinkl, Pinterest, BBC Bitesize. Twinkl is fabulous for all ages and so much can be printed out to keep them focused but in short bursts as they are not huge work tasks. Use code PARENTSTWINKLHELPS for free access during the school closures.


Your child is the best guide to what they learn. Let them choose something they’d like to learn about and then can research, use books, the internet or information from you. You may be surprised with some of the things you learn too!


Don’t worry about what the other mums at school are doing, every parent, every child is different. Each have their own learning pace and will be OK out of school for this period of time.


Try and get good sleep, you and the kids! I used to find when it was school holidays the kids would have lots of late nights and it caught up on us! Having the children at home with you will feel like its a school holiday period but try and have the mindset of it being a school night, within reason! Some nights we can just chill and watch a film together and forget looking at the clock for a bit.


Give yourself a day of rest. We set aside one day in the week where its more relaxed. They can have a small lie in, longer in their pjs and watch tv a little more if they want. Still get outside, still have a routine, but just relax a bit.


Snacks. Plenty of them!! They will eat you out of house and home if they were allowed. And with the crazy silly food situation you need to ration slightly! We have a ‘tuck shop’ where I give the children an allowance of £1 (I don’t use real money) just make a tally. And then have a menu with what snacks are available. These are things they can have during the day not including lunch. I will charge for fruit as believe me they can wipe out a whole fruit bowl within 20 mins!

Here is a sample….

And please remember, Its OK to have a bad day. Tomorrow is always a new one!
looking at books

I’ve also teamed up with another mama to offer more tips and advice during these times of lockdown and social distancing.

Rose (@home_with_rose) is a homemaker and mother to four children, aged 8,7,5 and 18 months.

Being thrown into a homeschooling lifestyle, Rose is doing her best to make things run smoothly. She is the queen of snack time and loves to put pen to paper to make a routine work for her family.


I asked her what she’ll be doing during this time and here’s what she had to say…..

My three tips to get through this tough time at the moment being stuck in the house all day would be as follows:

*  Put on music. Anything you love to just have it on in the background. Escape the world outside! 

*  Exercise. A mini workout each day. Joe wicks is great and he is also doing workout 9am each day live on youtube for younger ones. The garden will be used lots too for daily doe of vitamin D!

*  Stay away from the news, that doesn’t mean bury your head in the sand but just don’t read/watch what you don’t really need to. Its negative for your mind space and won’t help.

*  Share your happy things, small, big, whatever puts smile on your face. 

Here Is one of Roses lovely recipes for you all, the kids will love it!  If you take a look at her instagram you will find “snack stories’ highlight where there is loads more!

Mini egg Banana loaf

instagram home with rose

Hope you enjoyed reading some of our tips, stay safe and most of all…..enjoy the extra time together. It goes all too quickly!



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